Friday, March 13, 2009

How to keep and transport a big Tyranid army. 3000 points.

Recently I've bought an Intersponge carry case from Singapore, my friend Izwan went to Singapore for a holiday, so he helped me pick it up. The carry case was meant for my Orks and various other miniatures that I have.

For my Tyranids, I use a toolbox instead. Since I have close to 3,000 points, a toolbox is the cheapest alternative of transportation.

So today, I will be talking on how to safely transport a Tyranid army. The main process is packing of course.

This family picture of my Tyranids were taken a long time ago.
The contents are:
2 Hive Tyrants (One with wings)
4 Carnifexes
3 Raveners
9 Tyranid Warriors
1 Zoanthrope
1 Broodlord
2 Lictors
32 Genestealers
40 Termagants
32 Hormagaunts
8 Spinegaunts
2 Ripper swarms in bases.

The toolbox I use is this, Toyogo toolbox, it is extremely cheap, I bought it off a friend for RM 26, shoul be around $ 7.5 USD. The top has lots of compartments, suitable for small miniatures and bits.

Just fit in the 2 Ripper swarm bases in the small compartment. They'll be safe since they can't move around the area in the space.

First off, I've cut a cardboard that will fit the base of the toolbox, as you can see, these are monstrous creature base sizes.

Fit the 2 Hive Tyrants in the holes to ensure they don't move around.

The Raveners were just positioned in empty spaces.

I got a 750ml container to fill up the Gaunts. Arrange them neatly to maximise the space in the container.

There's 32 of them in one container.

Set them aside the Hive Tyrants at the lower part of the toolbox.

Just start keeping the miniatures in the containers and make sure they have enough space so you won't snap anything when you close the lid.

Some of my unfinished Tyranids.

The unfinished category in their own container.

Arrange it in a manner that when you close the toolbox, you won't touch any miniatures. I didn't put a lid in the picture below, as there are parts that are jutting out of the container, so I left it open since to top cover won't touch the minis.

I filled up the empty part with the metal minis.

Make sure you maximize the space usage in the container.

These are peanut foams, yummmm...

Use the peanut foams to fill up the entire area and make sure it covers the mini as I will put more minis on top.

Arrange the Carnifexes/Carnifexi? in a manner they don't clase and they don't move. To ensure they don't move that much during transportation, fill up the empty spaces with peanut foams.

I scattered the Warriors around since they're plastic and the paint won't chip that easily.

Viola! All the Tyranids in one good toolbox.

"There will be minimum damage, though I've never seen any of my minis missing a limb due to transportation, the paint might chip a little here and there. Still, it needs careful transportation, just don't go throwing the toolbox around."

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