Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Sad to say, today will not be about 40k or WarHammer. I have received a horrifying news from my girlfriend and I have contacted some of my buddies to spread the word/news around.

Before I go on, please go read the news, it is posted at my friend Kevin Loh's blog, I asked for his help to post the news in his blog. The news is about Mr Colin being assaulted because of cultural issues in Malaysia.

Just to say my piece, I'm really ashamed on how some people can just behave in my country. Honestly these people consist of 20% of the people in Malaysia and I despise them. To me they are "trashes" who devolved from mankind and deserve to be eradicated. These people will take advantage over a tourist, primarily a Caucasian as they're perceived to have more money.

The big difference is educated and uneducated people. Educated people like us are civilised and well behaved. I'm a 1st year Psychology student in HELP University College and after seeing this incident, I hope that you will see the real Malaysia and realize the risks in it.

If you ever think of coming to Malaysia for a visit or a WarHammer game, be sure to drop me an email and I will gladly show you around when you're in town. But I can't afford to spend you since I live in a hostel and most of my money went to GW.

There are nice Malaysians too! Geez, am I disappointed with those people or what... I hope this goes into the local papers and arrest those little buggers!

Spread the news around too if you can.
Let's pray and hope Mr Colin, lecturer of Taylor's University College for a speedy recovery!

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