Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What's been painted lately

Well, my latest distraction to me is the Assault on Black Reach Orks! They're really fun to assemble, and these are what I have assembled to far. Which also means that my Ork Trukk has been neglected for some time.

But the idea is to assemble all the Orks together and to spray all of them white along with the Ork Trukk's krew members.

Here's just what I've been doing.

The Trukk itself can't be completed until I glue the krew members on, which is still waiting for me to proceed spraying.

I free handed very little flames on this thing, and I also did the checks on the boarding plank, kinda looks gaudy, so I have to fix it later.

"My entire daytimes are spent in university and I've been so busy recently with the number of assignments, events and not to mention the on going club activities. Whenever I get back its already night time."

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