Saturday, March 7, 2009

A day at Legio

Last night was my first night being in Legio Malaysia as a member, the feel was different, and the atmosphere was just the same, WarHammer gaming all night long! Though I only stayed for a game as my friend Izwan (who I influenced to start WarHammer) has to leave earlier and he's my only way of getting back to my hostel.

Jeff handed me a handful of 10 dice as a supportive member, he'll give me a club t-shirt when it arrives! How cool is that? A 40k related t-shirt! Anyway, here's a look on how the dice of Legio looked like.

Looks good huh? You actually get 10 of these nice looking dice! They're so nice to roll, so lucky that today I rolled a 6 with it when seizing the initiative when I played my Tyranids against the Eldar. The game was a draw anyway. So for those of you who are still contemplating to join Legio, do it now!

I was quite busy for the past few days, since my Assault on Black Reach arrived, I had to divide my portion of Orks from the Marines. And now my table is just as full as ever.

I'm also painting my Ork Trukk which I'm doing my best to make it look weathered. Here's a shot of my table.

I used to put miniatures on the top of my table, but looking at them collecting dust is rather demoralizing, so I kept them all in my carry case and tool boxes. I have to keep my Orks at an appropriate place too, as dust seem to gather around very fast. I'm waiting for Izwan to bring my Sabol Carry Case from Singapore so I can actually store them safely.

One common question I always get is this, "How do you study?" My reply to that will be, "What do you think the bed is for? Sleeping?"

"Back to the OrksOrksOrksOrksOrksOrks painting."

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