Thursday, March 5, 2009

Painting - Ork Shoota Boyz

Finally, I'm done with my Shoota Boyz Mob! I didn't update last night as I was expecting to finish my Shoota Boyz and use it for the next update. Anyways, painting Shoota Boyz are fun, especially when it comes to giving them different coloured combinations of clothing! Enough talk, pictures are what you're looking for here...

Here's the full shot of them lot.

The guy in the middle sez: "Ya gotz ta call dem humies ta giv us a good fight! If dey get close, we shoot 'em den clobber 'em with our Shootas, if dey shoot us, we shoot 'em back, in any case, juz shoot dem humies..."

"Waaagh!! Time ta clobber dem humies!"

This is what I've painted so far, I can't believe it takes  a long time, but I'm already working at breakneck speed, nevertheless, everyday, I make it an effort to at least assemble/paint something.

This picture is my new wallpaper, you can let me know if you want one! XD

Now I'm working on the Ork Trukk, it takes quite some time to understand which part goes where as I feel that it is way more complex than the Battlewagon. Let's see how fast this will take me...

"Time ta get me Boyz those Trukk!"

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