Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Painting Tutorial - Painting Checks on Orks

"Lissen' up ladz and lissen' good! Betta open yer ear hole big enuf ta pay a-ten-shun to da paintin' tutorial. Coz dis time ere around, yer gonna learn bout 'ow ta paint some o them nifty check we Orks juz luv!"

Enough of my Orky side, let's get on topic. I've did some searches on Google a long time ago and realized that there were not a single tutorial on how to paint checks on Orks! Even if there are, I just can't find it helpful. So I've decided to cook up my own tutorial since I've been practicing to use some free hand techniques on my Orks.

"ere' we go!"

Most importantly, pick a surface on the Ork model you want to paint checks on and make sure it is big and flat enough! For this instance, I picked the choppa on the Ork Boy. I've grown accustomed with using Rotting Flesh as the white part and Catachan Green for the black part. These colours can be replaced with any colour you want. Oh, and normally I would paint checks last just to avoid "accidents".

I decided to avoid white as painting white can get really tricky, we don't wanna go there.

Make sure the paint you spread on the surface is watered down to about, let's say, milky consistency. This is to avoid having brush strokes on the surface.

"Yer gotta make sure dat yer in komfurt when ya paint! Sit in a posishun ta make sure those hands of yers ain't shakin"

From then on, I started with some imaginary lines on where the middle should be, so I just paint the checks on and also provide some space for the next check!

It's ok if  you got it out of the line, that's what I did! As long as you got the main picture on the surface, it's good enough.

Reason why I used Rotting Flesh was that the colour can cover up black! So just tidy the lines up. Doesn't matter if it's straight as a ruler or not, Orks can't paint that well anyway!

From far it will look marvelous! The key to doing this is confidence, patience, and some thinned down paints. Remember, practice makes you better, (I won't say "Practice makes you perfect", nobody's perfect!) so practice hard enough and you'll get the results you want. Not only that, using the same techniques, you can also draw other stuff up.

I've been practicing on more free hand techniques lately, my latest batch of Boyz have lots of free hand work on them.

"Dis painta 'ere done good! Me WarBoss gonna be 'appy with da paint job!"

"Any questions? Feel free to ask."

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