Sunday, July 5, 2009

Alpha Legion, Chaos Terminators are good...

Back! After a long time of busy busy days and nights. I've been painting slow for the past few days, but 2 nights ago I was speeding up my progress to finish these Chaos Terminators.

I had so much fun assembling them as they seriously look AWESOME! I would recommend the Chaos Terminator Squad kit for any chaos players out there. Whether you're a beginner or not, this box set will make you love chaos even more!

Here are some pictures.

Took me almost an hour to get this guy's face right...

I'm practicing more on weathering effects. I'll probably need to improve more on that part. I like the heavy flamer here!

Another Chaos Terminator, this guy has the Chain Fist. He grinded a Land Raider today!
I'm practicing on glowing effects now, and it seems to work well. Gonna have to make all the other marines have glowing eyes too!

This guy here just has the normal set up, I love having a Power Fist just in case. Not to mention, it looks awesome too!

I use them as Chaos Terminator Champions in my army. They serve their purpose as bait and of course, killers too.

I've also recently painted up a few more guys for the army. One more Autocannon Iron Warrior and another Meltagun guy.

Man, gotta get more of those Havocs box sets. I'm probably gonna buy another box of Chaos Terminators too. Having said that, I need more Chaos Space Marines! There just ain't enough...

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