Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Caution Danger Warning Hazard Poison Flammable Toxic

After realizing that the management of my hostel has the tendency to come into my room whenever I'm not around to either maintain the air-cond or just to install something or do some maintenance, I've decided to make this and put it on my board to attract the attention of anyone who walks into my room.

I've spent a few hours last night creating that Caution sign and I've printed it out today. It will make me feel uneasy whenever I know that someone has been in my room without my presence. I hope that this sign will deter them from touching my minis as well.

And since there are so many kinds of chemicals in my room, I would not want them to do anything stupid. Especially touching my minis. We all know that resin fumes are toxic, especially the dust. The simple green I have in my room is so concentrated with paint, I believe it's poisonous enough. The spray cans in my room are obviously flammable even though there's no real threat from it.

Anyone wants the sign can download it, I don't mind, I even made one that's blank so that you guys can enter whatever text you want. Grab yours now! To avoid people from touching your things from your table!

Make sure you add the "Professional Hobbyist only." at some point. XD

"Just bought a bunch of stuff from GW Direct and Forge World, my entire Chaos Army is almost complete."

Edit: Oh, I forgot to add, if you want it in PDF or Adobe Illustrator form, do contact me by email and I will send one to you, it's better for printing purposes.

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