Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A little bit of painting tips...

This is just too awesome, so I had to make a second post for today...

Today I received this box from one of my buddies. Ivan. Basically he clips off everything from the sprue and puts them in boxes with compartments.

I really wanna get one of these boxes for my bits and do the same. The reason why he passed it to me is because I could make some Chaos Space Marines for myself, and pay him for whatever I used. I need 10 CSM! Since he's not using them, I'll make use of most of it and pay him so he can buy more of the things he wants... Now you guys know how I get my stuff cheap! I don't have that much cash too ya know...

Moral of this story here, get a box like that, saves you the time of rummaging through your bits box looking for a particular part. Not to mention, easy transportation too!

And... Today, on my painting table, I started off by spraying an Obliterator, a Chaos Terminator and another Chaos Space Marine to paint. So the progress is actually very good right now. I just gave the Chaos Terminator and Chaos Space Marine a wash mix of green and blue.

Here's the painting tip I would like to share. How to let your minis dry fast. What I do is, I put them beside my laptop fan. The heat generated from the laptop will dry the miniatures fast. This is how I make them dry without resorting to waiting too long, or to use a hair dryer (I don't even have one).

The warm air being pushed out from the laptop fan is just perfect, I don't have to worry about my minis flying away or the washes being blown away. So it just makes the paint evaporate faster.

Oh, and those Bloodletters belong to my roommate, he's building his Khorne Daemon army now...

One question for my fellow readers. How big is a Legion of Chaos Space Marines?

We all know that a Chapter would consist of 6 Tactical Squads, 2 Assault Squads, bla bla bla. But I wanna know how big is a Chaos Legion. Please leave a comment to let me know, thanks!!

"Back to my painting spree!"

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