Sunday, July 12, 2009

Entire Army's progress and some new painted stuff...

Finally, I've almost finished painting my entire Alpha Legion infantry. Though I still have lots more to go, I would like to share my progress for everyone to see.

Since April till now, I've painted up 2 Chaos Lords, 25 Chaos Space Marines, 4 Chaos Terminators, 1 Obliterator and 3 Iron Warriors (that will carry the Heavy Weapons for my Alpha Legion).

I think I'm quite happy with the growth of this army thus far.

For today, I've completed one of the Terminators and the Iron Warriors.

I made use of the Chaos Lord's Chain Fist for this guy.

The Lascannon came from the Havocs box set which I bought from my friend some time ago.

I did the hazard stripes for the first time and it seems to turn out well...

As for the piece of cloth there, I intended to draw out the Chaos Undivided symbol there, it looks better in person obviously. XD

I still have to paint more Chaos Space Marines for my Alpha Legion and Iron Warriors, I will need another Obliterator too.

After I'm done with the infantry of my army, I will have to start working on the vehicles.

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