Sunday, July 19, 2009

Army's progress, more Alpha Legionaires.

Well, I've been quite busy thanks to lots of gaming in the last two days. I've managed to finish these three guys before my gaming time and they managed to join the fight.

I'm currently working on more Iron Warriors to add to my Alpha Legion's army. I'm still waiting for the Iron Warrior's shoulder pads to arrive from GW, so I guess I'll just paint some while it's en route.

I kinda have a good feeling about this guy here. Though he has a power fist, I'm just gonna paint him up to keep, since my list doesn't have any Iron Warrior Champion with a power fist.

Well, I ordered the Warsmith and more Iron Warriors conversion packs from GW, hopefully they arrive soon, I'm eager to assemble them up to paint them.

Recently my bunch of friends pooled together to make a purchase from Forge World, I've got my self Alpha Legion doors for 4 Rhinos and 1 Land Raider. Can't wait to get my hands on them too!

With that said, I'm broke!

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