Thursday, July 9, 2009

Of Obliterator's skin and another Chaos Space Marine

I finally got these 2 done. The Chaos Terminator would have to wait. Since the amount of detail on it is really a lot, I would need more time.

I've finally learned how to use washes to make painting way easier. When I buy my second Obliterator, I will make a tutorial to show you guys how easy it is to paint one of these.

Oh, and I made him from the Black Legion. Since the Alpha Legion would hire these guys, I thought it'd be fun to make the Obliterator an ex-Black Legion CSM.

I could have worked better on the plasma, but since it looks good from far, I'm gonna let it be.

"Must Obliterate!"

And another bolter guy to be added into my collection. Really love them, I'm so gonna make more Alpha Legion guys... Doing so would enable me to play larger games, as if my army is not large enough... ;P

"Hobby night at Legio tomorrow! I'm gonna join Jeff there at the painting table and maybe get a game just to practice my gaming skills."

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