Saturday, July 18, 2009

Hobby Tip - Saving space in your room.

Good day! I'll start off today by saying that I've been painting recently, and I'll post up some of my newly painted stuff tomorrow, though it will be on the Alpha Legion again... Nevertheless, I'm still painting!

OK, first of, ever since I've started with 40k, I've noticed that there is a disease called chronic-lack-of-space. My room will get cluttered with sprues and bits from various box sets, especially when I buy things like Space Marines or Chaos Space Marines. Even my Tyranids and Orks have lots and lots of spare bits I'm never going to use.

Do we throw these things away? Definitely not! We will never know how useful it is when we need them for a conversion or when we have those insane ideas of army building thingy...

Within my 40k timeline, I've actually gained lots and lots of sprues, especially used up ones and probably some with barely a few pieces left.

So, in order to save space in my room, I've decided to do the most organized thing I can ever think of, cutting the bits and putting them into a box! Let's take a look.

These sprues have been emptied off the bits.

The bits were then organized in these boxes that I bought from ACE Hardware. They only cost me RM 6.50 each and these are the last of them from ACE.

This is what it looks like inside. Bits! Bits! Glorious bits!

Just a little comparison of how much space I've saved.

To conclude, those sprues will be recycled whenever there's a charity run going on in my university. I don't have the heart to throw them, that's a lot of plastic! I can imagine them being melted and remoulded into a Chaos Land Raider (which is what I direly need right now).

I actually hoped that GW would run a recycling campaign for us hobbyist to sell them the sprues, maybe about RM 10 per kilo or something. So that they can actually recycle these and make them into minis again. It's like killing three stones with one bird! They cut cost on their raw materials, the hobbyist gains a little back from recycling, and the plastic isn't actually wasted off!

So let's hope that if you were to cut out the bits and separate them into compartments, please don't just throw them, recycle them.

"Pun intended. Now go start throwing a bird at three stones."

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