Tuesday, July 28, 2009

When Super Glue attacks! Visit http://gluedmyfingers.blogspot.com

Before I begin, I would like to share that today is the first time I received a parcel from GW that contains so much metal.

From the picture below, you will see:
2x Iron Warriors Conversion Pack
1x Iron Warriors Warsmith
1x Iron Warriors Shoulder Pads
1x Alpha Legion Shoulder Pads
1x Black Legion Shoulder Pads
2x Chaos Havoc with Autocannon

That's 8 blisters in total!

Well, after washing and removing the tabs off the metal, I got a cut on my finger, which is no big deal, since I always get it when using the knife.

I assembled and worked on the Iron Warriors Warsmith first. Wow, was thinking of letting him stand on a piece of a destroyed vehicle, what style!

I used my all time favourite, high volume, high reliability high powered super glue to do the gluing. In Malay, "Gam Gajah Kuat" literally translates to Strong Elephant Glue, I think you get the idea.

What I'm saying is, the nozzle was kinda stuck when I wanted to glue the Rhino part on to the base for my Warsmith. Seeing that it's stuck, I put more pressure by pressing it a little harder, that's when it decided to attack me! The nozzle "un-stucked" itself by bursting out a load of super glue, hitting most of my left fingers and hand with it.

Luckily there were no minis nearby.

I gave my friend a call and got some nail polish remover from her. Acetone from nail polish removers are claimed to be able to dissolve super glue.

I would say it only worked when I use it to dissolve the glue on my nails. It does not exactly dissolve the glue on the fingers... And remember the cut I told you about? Acetone burns the cut!!! Wash hands with soap after you're done cleaning even if it didn't work...

This is what remains on my hand even after soaking my fingers in the nail polish remover...

Take a read here if you glued your hands or something.

Other than that, tonight's progress has been delayed for a few hours. That's sad. Well, with hard fingers now, getting back to work with the Warsmith...

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