Friday, April 10, 2009

Assembled - 'ard Boyz!

Ah, the well armoured are here... I've been spending the past few days assembling and converting some Fantasy Black Orcs into 40k 'ard Boyz...

Though some of the poses are only meant for weapons, I find it difficult to swap parts with the normal Boyz, only because of the position of their shoulders... Some of them could be fitted with the Sluggas and they can only have Ork Nobz heads as replacements... Well, I figured that these Boyz will be more experienced than the other Boyz, so they would probably grow bigger in size due to the amount of fights they have been in...

I would need another box of them to make 20 and I will paint all of them at one day when they're prepared... The reason why they're on square bases is because it's easier to hold and paint.

At least now you guys should know what it will take for you to convert some of them Black Orcs.

I'll be making a more brutal and violent list, seems as though there's not enough power klaws in my army!

"I have to catch up on my painting and finish as many of my new Nobz as possible..."

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