Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Painting - Alpha Legion Chaos Terminator Lord

I'm done with the Chaos Terminator Lord, just that I still have to wait for the basing kit to arrive before I can finish him with the base. Temporarily, I glued him onto the small base, just for painting purposes.

I did his skin with the pale-coppery look, and gave him a tinge of greenish blue eyes (Hope the picture shows). The occasional claws and talons sticking out of him is painted Bleached Bone and was washed with some sepia wash just to add some flavour to him and to represent some of the Hydra's talons and claws, or teeth if you'd like.

He looks very clean, but I think I would rather have it this way since they really love to win, I want them to win in style!

"Time to memorize my notes, exam's tomorrow... And I just realized that I missed a photo of one of his shoulder pad, the one with the Alpha Legion hydra on... I didn't use free hand since I was messing it up yesterday with my shaky hands. I would take more pictures after I complete him 100%."

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