Sunday, April 5, 2009

Assembling - Boss Snikrot

I've been coughing for the past few weeks and I've been sick for the past few days, but tonight I'm  little better and able to paint and blog.

Since I've worked so much on my Boyz, I think I would prefer to focus on one model for now, and it's Boss Snikrot that has been waiting for me to assemble...

Here are the components from the blister pack.

Both arms, main body, head and a back pack.

Please don't cut off the stud beneath the foot of the model, I did it once to my Hive Tyrant and practically to all my other metal models until one day I realized why are metal models just so difficult to glue to the base? Then I saw beneath one of my friend's Grey Knight Terminator that I realized that those studs are meant for the holes beneath the base. So remember, don't cut if off next time...

Find a suitable hole for the model to stand on, ensuring that the model stays as middle towards the centre as possible.

Using a small little hand drill, just drill a hole through the chosen hole.

Use a hobby knife to widen the hole so that the stud will fit through as tight as possible.

After fitting through, the model should stand straight and is not wobbly. But to ensure that it stays in place, glue it.

I washed the entire model and scrubbed it with a tooth brush just to get rid of the particles and the mould release agents stuck onto the model. If you forgo this process, you will experience lots of paints flaking off after painting.

Remember to file off those mould lines and remove those unnecessary metal parts...

I chose to leave the back pack as I thought it would be more fluffy to have it off. Since Boss Snikrot likes to travel light, his other Kommandos can carry his Stikkbomz for him...

This is how he looks like when he's done. I think he looks more "sneeky" without the back pack, and we can see the spines from his back too!

"I've already began painting Boss Snikrot, estimated time to finish is in 2 days time..."

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