Sunday, April 26, 2009

Battleforces poll closed, thanks for voting - Some extra pieces of news

Thanks for participating in the votes guys, it is clear that the Tyranids Battleforce have been the most popular purchase for a player, whilst the rest did quite well.

I did some injustice to the Eldar Battleforce and I do think it deserves a 7/10 at least.

So now I hope that new players would find the Battleforce reviews useful to help them on their army planning and purchase.

Read a rumour somewhere a few days ago:

1) Phil Kelly (my favourite codex author) is writing the Codex:Dark Eldar! Pray and hope it gets released next year as this year, the schedule seems to be quite packed.

2) Space Wolves might be able to make it this year! So all you Space Wolves players, or future Space Wolves players, start stocking up on Space Wolves stuff! Just in case GW decides to do something funny about the Space Wolves box sets now...

3) Necrons are being worked on too!

4) My Tutorial - Assembling and Painting an Ork Nob might be heard in the airwaves on the 40k radio! This news came from Peter of the Aspect Portal.

I've been more on the gaming aspect since Friday, though I want to get more of my painting done before I return to my hometown since I'm already on my holidays. Today I will be testing out another one of my Ork list, if I feel that it is powerful and effective, (powerful when the tide can mow the enemy down, effective if they can work like Eldar) then I would share the army list.

And the fun part is, there won't be Snikrot, Nob Bikers, Boss Zagsstruk or any special characters, just da Boyz, sum 'o dem trukks and da bigger boyz, Nobz...

"Today I'll be going against Tyranids, and this guy who plays Tyranids really can kick serious butt with his Tyranid Warriors, Gaunts and Carnifex, that's all he uses, not a Nidzilla army, a swarm army, only 3 Carnifice and the swarms are a massive headache.


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