Monday, April 6, 2009

Painting - Boss Snikrot

Well, typical of me to update now. I just finished a 1,000 word assignment on the Effects of Television for my Intro to Mass Comm class, too easy...

Besides, I think it has become a habit that I post up an update at the middle of the night in Malaysia and it's probably daytime for all you readers from the other side of the world.

Here's Boss Snikrot anyway, I kept him as simple as possible, left the back pack as I felt that it was not so important. He works best sneeeeky anyway, so heavy gear ain't good...

I worked on some checks on his blades, just to show that Boss Snikrot likes to have his blades black and have a little "kamo" in it, he attempted to do some checks on those blades so he can blend in the shadows with the leaves and barbed wire and what not.

I also did a little glow on the Splinter Cell style night vision goggles, though I think I could work better on the glowing effect, I have to learn up on doing that properly!

Enough ranting, here's some shots for you guys! Enjoy!

Oh, and I did lots of wet blending to his ear...

"I'm now working on my new box of Ork Nobz, I'm behaving like some miniature painting factory... =_=ll"

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