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The best Battleforce set for value? Part 2, Battleforces Overview

Ok, maybe I was a bit too harsh when I said that I would talk about the worst valued battleforce, there is not even a need to open up a poll to find the worst since it already shows at the poll now...

But I think we can discuss about whether you would buy a second or third battleforce after your first. Remember, it's not necessary for a battleforce to be useful, but when you spent and thought you "saved" money, you find those redundant models that you will never use accumulate, you'll be wondering if you either saved or actually have spent more by buying more battleforces.

I will be setting a rating system here from 1-10, 1 being less chance for me to buy it the second time, 10 being that definitely I will be buying it again if I were to build an army. I will also go through the contents of all the battleforces (except the Imperial Guards for now, since they aren't open to the market yet).

Oh, and heads up, battleforces have a new price already, at 55 GBP per box, I think the price hike will occur in either June or July. But the Imperial Guards Battleforce already has the new price tag of 55 GBP. A 10% increase, sigh...

I hope and pray that the GW web crawlers (if they do have some to find and sue people's butt off for copyright infringement) to watch this so they know what we want and what we think ain't so useful in the battleforces.

Rating: 7/10
Good starting point, but the people don't seem to want the Possessed. They should be replaced with something else. I wouldn't buy a second box just because of the Possessed.
Chaos Space Marine Battleforce:
15 Chaos Space Marines There's nothing wrong with having more CSM in the army!
Khorne Berzerkers Only useful for Khorne Worshippers, but it can easily be sold off.
5 Possessed Chaos Space Marines Err, I don't think Possessed are actually useful at all due to their randomness.
1 Chaos Space Marines Rhino Rhinos are always a welcomed.

Rating: 9/10
Good for a full biker army, for those who intend to use the White Scar's army list but use Dark Angel parts for conversion, this is good.
Dark Angels Ravenwing Battleforce:
6 Dark Angels Ravenwing Bikes Dark Angels parts anyone? These many bikes in a box can save you a load of money. Not to mention the Dark Angel parts.
1 Dark Angels Ravenwing Attack Bike A 2 wound bike? Fear me.
1 Dark Angels Ravenwing Land Speeder Land Speeders are cheap, efficient, and annoying to the enemy.

Rating: 6/10
I don't know much about the Dark Eldar since I started playing last year.
Dark Eldar:
20 Dark Eldar Warriors Ain't that a good load of warriors?
5 Dark Eldar Reaver Jetbikes Jetbikes are fast, and this really fits the Dark Eldar to use them to harass the enemy.
1 Dark Eldar Raider I don't know what this thing here does, but it looks good.
1 Jungle Trees set Who doesn't love free terrain? :)

Rating: 3/10
I won't recommend this for a starting player. Starting Eldar players must plan their army list before buying anything so you won't regret any redundant purchases like I did.
Eldar Dire Avengers Having so little Dire Avengers, it won't be effective as having a full 10 men squad.
Eldar Guardians No thanks, with heavy weapons all they do is sit and shoot. When being shot at, they will run off the table.
Eldar War Walker Now this is cool, "9 War Walkers outflanking in reserve" will be the last thing you want to hear from an Eldar player.
Eldar Heavy Weapon with 2 Crew Yeah, but not so useful... Maybe to me it isn't useful...
Eldar Wave Serpent This is the more expensive and faster version of a Rhino, still, the best thing in the box...

Rating: 10/10
The must buy thing for a new Necron player, I like the contents of this box, having 2 of these is good enough for a medium sized game if you add in a Necron Lord. Always good to have a second box.
28 Necron Warriors The only Troop choice in the army, tough as hell and they're good at shooting.
Necron Scarab Swarms Great choice to use for tying down the heavy weapons team and stop the enemy from shooting.
Necron Destroyers Good for tank hunting, they're very mobile too.

Rating: 10/10
Best starting point for a new Ork player. Though the points in there is little, but it will keep you occupied a long time.
22 Ork Boyz There can't be enough Boyz.
Ork Warbikes There can't be enough Warbikes.
Ork Trukk There can't be enough Trukks.

Rating: 9/10
Good starting point for new players. especially the number of Marines and the points this battleforce can give you. But some players just don't like scouts. I would consider the scouts a bonus.
Space Marines:
15 Space Marines Core of the army, this is the reason people play them anyway!
5 Space Marines Assault Squad Always good to have some, for the parts and the cool factor of flying marines!
5 Space Marines Scouts Good for some, but some hate painting faces, but these boys here should not be underestimated.
1 Space Marines Rhino Rhino's are always welcomed.

Rating: 8/10
The variations in this box is huge! Lots of choices for a new player to switch in between models to use different tactics. I'm not all that familiar with the Tau.
Tau Empire Battleforce:
12 Tau Fire Warriors Core of the army, must always have more of these guys.
12 Kroot Carnivores Looks good to model and paint, but some just prefer a full Fire Warrior army and they might not want the Kroot.
1 Tau XV8 Crisis Battlesuit I heard that this can be modeled into a broadside?
3 Tau XV25 Stealth Suits Good for sneaking around enemy lines and distract them.
6 Tau Gun Drones No idea what it does, but nothing wrong with having more.
1 Tau Markerlight Drone I suppose that this helps the army shoot better.
1 Tau Devilfish Is this the transport? If so, this is a good vehicle to have.

Rating: 10/10
Best starting buy for a new player. I bought 4 of these to build my army. A real money saver. This box also allows the player to play right away as it fulfills the Force Organisation Chart!
Tyranid Battleforce:
Tyranid Warriors Synapse Creatures, 2 wounds, immune to instant death, the Tyranid Warriors can either be a HQ, Elite or Fast Attack choice of the army, so mathematically, you can have up to 72 Tyranid Warriors in an army!
Tyranid Genestealers Best close combat fighters in the game! Rips everything apart, I love them!
Tyranid Termagants Meat shields of the army, their shooting is seriously dangerous as they can churn out a good number of shots. A well planned shooting phase can wipe out a Terminator squad.
Tyranid Hormagaunts Well planned use of them can really scare people out of their pants! Only advice is to make them Initiative 5 and let them have Strength 4, marines will die from them, but currently overpriced in the Codex.
Tyranid Carnifex This is the main focus in the box, nobody should buy a separate Carnifex, always get this from the Battleforce!
(10 Ripper Swarms, 2 Ripper Swarms with Spinefist) *These were not listed, but it's in the box.* Consider these free, as they come as a part of the Warriors and the Gaunts.

"There you have it, all these comes from what I think, comment away guys! Oh, poll is still open for those who haven't voted."

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