Friday, April 17, 2009

The best Battleforce set for value?

Whenever somebody wants to start a new army, we tell them to get the battleforce. Reason is, buying in a huge bundle from GW seems to be the best way of saving money, but is it ever the best idea? No doubt that battleforces are a great way to bolster your army (sounds like GW?), they provide more models for less money.
I have bought 4 Tyranid battleforces so far for my Tyranid army, that's what I call a good value in a box! I realize that most battleforces are just a throw in of some stuff that we'll never ever use, and some of them just have the best value of all that we can ever think of...

I won't be including the Imperial Guards as they are being released next month and you will have to get your hands on it to know whether you would want another. All the battleforces are of the same price, I hope the rumour of the battleforce price increase won't be true...

Here's a run down of all the battleforces in sequence...

Chaos Space Marine Battleforce:
15 Chaos Space Marines
8 Khorne Berzerkers
5 Possessed Chaos Space Marines
1 Chaos Space Marines Rhino

Dark Angels Ravenwing Battleforce:
6 Dark Angels Ravenwing Bikes
1 Dark Angels Ravenwing Attack Bike
1 Dark Angels Ravenwing Land Speeder

Dark Eldar:
20 Dark Eldar Warriors
5 Dark Eldar Reaver Jetbikes
1 Dark Eldar Raider
1 Jungle Trees set

5 Eldar Dire Avengers
8 Eldar Guardians
1 Eldar War Walker
1 Eldar Heavy Weapon with 2 Crew
1 Eldar Wave Serpent

28 Necron Warriors
7 Necron Scarab Swarms
3 Necron Destroyers

22 Ork Boyz
3 Ork Warbikes
1 Ork Trukk

Space Marines:
15 Space Marines
5 Space Marines Assault Squad
5 Space Marines Scouts
1 Space Marines Rhino

Tau Empire Battleforce:
12 Tau Fire Warriors
12 Kroot Carnivores
1 Tau XV8 Crisis Battlesuit
3 Tau XV25 Stealth Suits
6 Tau Gun Drones
1 Tau Markerlight Drone
1 Tau Devilfish

Tyranid Battleforce:
3 Tyranid Warriors
8 Tyranid Genestealers
8 Tyranid Termagants
8 Tyranid Hormagaunts
1 Tyranid Carnifex
(10 Ripper Swarms, 2 Ripper Swarms with Spinefist) *These were not listed, but it's in the box.*

The poll is on the top right of the blog. Remember, vote based on value and usefulness of the content in the battleforce. It's a multiple choice poll, so choose your favourites...

"After the poll closes, I will talk on the worst valued battleforces... I noticed that the Space Wolves Battleforce isn't for sale anymore in the GW Website, does that mean something? You can't order the Codex anymore too."

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