Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Army List - Orks!

We'z gonna bring da biggest, da meanest, da best Waaaaagh!!!
Dis' time around, yer little skittly Grotz betta open yer' ears up good, coz me iz gonna bring ya the meanest army lists around!

Well, since my ordered Orks haven't arrived, I've decided to build up their army list first so I would know what to build.

This army list is made to be hard-hitting, as if Orks aren't 'ard enuf!

So here goes:


Warboss with Power Klaw, Attack Squig, Cybork Body, Boss Pole, 'eavy armour
120 pts


Boss Snikrot with 10 Kommandos, 2 Burnas
225 pts


10 Nobz, 1 upgraded to Painboy, 3 Power Klaw, 4 Big Choppas, 10 Stikkbomz, 10 'eavy armour, Boss Pole, Waagh Banner, 4 Cybork Bodies
425 pts

19 Slugga Boyz with 1 Nob, Power Klaw, Boss Pole
160 pts

19 Slugga 'ard Boyz with 1 Nob, Power Klaw, Boss Pole
240 pts

20 Shoota boyz
120 pts


Battle wagon with Red Paint Job, deff rolla, armour plates, wrekin' ball, 3 big shootas.
150 pts

Trukk with red paint job, armour plates and wreckin' ball
60 pts

The Shoota Boyz will be riding in the Battle Wagon, so they can provide fire support and be the fire magnet.

The Warboss and his 10 Nobz will be riding in the Trukk, getting as fast as possible towards the enemy.

Kill Points : 8
Scoring Units : 4

The 'ard boyz are meant to be the cover save for the slugga boyz. The Kommandos will sneak up and probably take out those pesky enemy campers. While the rest of da boyz will foot slog up to the enemy.
Overall, I've never built an Ork list before, so I would appreciate some feedback.

"Just me being crazy again playing another horde army, but I think it's fun, Orks are always fun. :)"

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