Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sprues - Black Orcs and Warriors of Chaos

It has been an Orky week, and I intend to keep it that way too! But looky here, I bet some of you have thought of using the WarHammer Fantasy Black Orcs as your standard 'ard Boyz. So for all those who haven't seen the insides of the content, here's to show you how it all looks like so you can get an idea on how to convert the models to your taste.

The best thing is, their pose really makes a normal Ork Boy stand out, especially the ones with two handed poses.

There's a duplicate of each sprue shown here. and the Black Orc's bodies are actually solid plastic.

Now, to my beginning of WarHammer Fantasy. The reason why I chose Warriors of Chaos is because they're cheap, and they look good at the same time.

I wanted to do Skaven/Lizardmen/Dark Elves because Skaven's models are just awesome. But the new codex is "rumored" to be out sometime this year, and buying them will be insane. I really like Lizardmen, just that GW didn't make new Cold Ones for them, which really disappointed me. Dark Elves look really good too, just that Warriors of Chaos win them over. :)

Here are some shots of the 3 sprues.

The bits are just awesome, and amazingly, they fit quite nicely. I'm already working on them while waiting for my Orks to dry from the washes.

"So many things to do, so little time. Let's see if I can finish my entire Ork army withing 3 months."

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