Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tutorial - Ork Nobz

Hi, I bet you guys have been waiting for this, the 2009 Ork Nobz Tutorial. Well, I don't think I'm the only one who would do a tutorial on them, but still, you can get different point of views towards assembling and painting Orks.

Today we're gonna talk about assembling. And of course, I would want to assemble one of those Ork Nobz you see in the White Dwarf, it just looks too cool.

First up, select parts you would want to assemble on your Ork Nob.

Using the Hobby Knife, remove all mould lines from the model, this process is also called de-flashing I believe. I used the Citadel Hobby Knife, and surprisingly, after one year, the blade is still sharp though it has whittled down lots and lots of mould lines.

I use the Gale Force Nine Flush Cutter to remove the plastic bits from the sprue. It's sharp and precise, well worth your money.

Using Super Glue, fix up the Nob. It's rather easy to assemble and I'm quite sure that I will not assemble the head first again, since it gets in the way of painting. For the rest of them, assemble only after painting, since it has a very "closed" positioning.

Spray it white and it's ready to go. Spraying can be done sparingly, just like super glue, don't "spam" it's usage or you will regret the consequences.

After this is done...


I've completed the Ork Nob last night, and I did it fast as a colour test, so I didn't really plan to do a tutorial on this Nob'z painting. Nevertheless, I will make a full tutorial on another Ork Nob I'm working on. Here are some pictures fer ya lotz!

I gave him the grunge look and the gold teef ta play wif.
The amount of detail is really astounding, and painting this guy ain't easy. But full of fun as always!

"I'll be back for the painting tutorial on Ork Nobz."

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