Monday, February 16, 2009

Sprues - Ork Boyz and Ork Nobz

Look at what came in the mail today. The first thing I though was, how cool would it be if I were to take pictures of every sprue that people want to see. Personally, I've been anxious on how they look like, what more when it comes to identifying what's wot?

This shall be the first step to create my Orky Waaaaagh! Here are some pictures.

These are from the Ork Nobz box. It comes with 4 Big Choppas, 3 Power Klaws, 8 Nob 'eads, 2 Nob Cybork 'ead, enough Choppas and Sluggas fer all. Lots of unique shoulder pads and lots of kombi weapons. The amount of weapons in the sprue is really amazing.

The Ork Boyz on the other hand, look quite good itself too. Though I feel a little disappointed when I saw that the Nob that came with them have relatively small legs compared to the new Nobz. Nevertheless, feast your eyes on the sprues.

I shall keep the Ork Trukk and Ork Warbikes for later.

I'm working on the Nobz for now, just to experiment the colours before I begin painting them in batches.


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