Thursday, February 5, 2009

Random Painting 4 - Alpha Legion

In this random painting session, there will be a short and simple tutorial on painting eyes and faces. Apart from that, I have came up with a mixture of colours to bring out the bluish/green glow of the Alpha Legion.

I was drawn to paint Alpha Legion from the uniqueness of their colour scheme and of course, from the Horus Heresy book, Legion.

Anyways, here are some shots of the 5 men squad I have painted.

Base coat: Black

Power Armour Colour:
  1. Dry brush with Regal Blue, Enchanted Blue, then Ultramarines Blue, make sure the previous layers can be seen, use less Ultramarines Blue
  2. Dry brush with Snot Green
  3. Wash the whole armour with a 2:2:1 mix of water, Asurmen Blue and Thraka Green, this stage will lock all the colours together
  4. Metal areas are painted with Boltgun Metal
  5. For the bolt pistols and Bolters, I've dry brushed them with Boltgun Metal, to give them a more metallic feel
Now we go for the face and eyes painting part. This guy here shall be our reference.

Since the whole model was base coated with black, Bleached Bone was layered onto the entire flesh area. A very thin layer of Ogryn Flesh was washed over the face.

The eyes were painted with Bleached Bone, and the pupils were painted with Scorched Brown, don't use black and white, as it makes it look unnatural.

"I dunno why I keep using white for the base rim... Might intend to start a pure Alpha Legion army next time..."