Monday, February 9, 2009

Tyranid Battleforce

I've noticed that lots of people who want to start Tyranids will definitely want to buy the Tyranid Battleforce as well, which also means, beginners who buy the battleforce will only get to know generally what is in the battleforce.

So today I will list out the content that most people want to know, the creatures in the battleforce.

Opening up a Tyranid Battleforce, you will get a:
  1. Carnifex with all bio morphs and a set of weapons
  2. 3 Tyranid Warriors with bio morphs and weapons
  3. 8 Gaunts that can be either modeled as Devourer-gaunts or Termagants
  4. 8 Gaunts that can be either modeled as Spinegaunts or Hormagaunts
  5. 8 Genestealers
  6. 2 Spine Fist Ripper models
  7. 10 Ripper models
  8. 1 large monstrous creature base
  9. 5 medium bases
  10. 24 slotted bases
Well, it all depends on whether the packaging is right though, but at least you know what is in it before you buy so this is more like a consumer awareness thing.

"When I get new boxed sets or battleforces, I will start taking snapshots of the content and share it with everyone."