Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Random Painting 3 - Thousand Sons

Hi everyone, I have decided to share a little of my random painting of the Thousand Sons that I have painted in May 2008. I randomly bought these to paint because I was experimenting with the colours and I really didn't like the original colours of them. Being blue and yellow, they just look weird. Anyway, these models have been sitting on my table for so long they actually are dusty, how fluffy of them!

I wanted to bring out the feel of them being ancient, royal, and most of all, dusty!
Here are the pictures:

Here's the breakdown of the paints I used:

Basecoat: White

  1. Chaos Black
  2. Bleached Bone
  3. Kommando Khaki
  4. Shining Gold
  5. Dwarf Bronze
  6. Brazen Brass
  7. Burnished Gold
  8. Boltgun Metal
  9. Tin Bitz
  10. Scab Red and Red Gore for the gems and random accessories
Sometimes I just mix the paint on the model itself, meaning, I layer with Kommando Khaki then mix with Bleached Bone at the same time on the model, treating the model as a palate. This will give them a marble feel and look by using the brush to swirl the paint around.

I wanted to make a pure Thousand Sons army, but then I thought that if I do, I actually will have lots of armies... Not to mention, their poses are limited too, as they only have Bolters for weapons...

Hope you guys can make use of a different colour scheme for the Thousand Sons!

"Might still consider building them up into an army... But what do I use for my anti-tank?"