Monday, February 2, 2009

The Doom Angels

Here's my Doom Angels, using the Blood Angels Codex, this is a very fun army to play with and play against. This army consists of 42 men, no vehicles of any sort, 37 of them have Jump Packs, and only 5 of them are on foot.

Well, I haven't finished painting the whole army yet, as you can see, most of them are done and I'm still thinking of ways to make them more dynamic in their pose. Here are some pictures on the army.

Here's the full shot of the army.
Some of the Veterans along with Commander Hades.

This is Commander Hades, he's using the same point system and stats as Commander Dante.
This is Chaplain Charon with the Death Company. Chaplain Charon is using the same point system and stats as Chaplain Lemartes.
A combat squad with a single melta.
This is Squad Deimos, led by Honored Veteran Sergeant Lucifer. Note, they're all beaky heads!
Squad Diablos that is led by Honored Veteran Sergeant Calisto is still in the making.
Here's a closer shot of the characters in the army with names. First up, Commander Hades! It took me weeks to think of how I should paint this guy, and I must say, this is the first time I've painted a face using pure mixing, blending and highlighting.

Chaplain Charon is the first model I've painted in my Doom Angels army.
My favourite Honored Veteran Sergeant, Perseus. I enjoyed modeling and painting this guy.

This here is Taranis.
And of course, Calisto.
Phobos here is still under process.
The Doom Angels, Codex Blood Angels


Commander Hades
Chaplain Charon
5 Death Company Members


5 men Veteran Assault Squad
Power Fist+Melta Bomb
Power Weapon
2 Melta + 2 Melta Bomb

5 men Veteran Assault Squad
Power Fist+Melta Bomb
Power Weapon
2 Melta + 2 Melta Bomb


10 Men Assault Squad
Power Fist+Melta Bomb+Plasma Pistol
2 Plasma Pistol

10 Men Assault Squad

5 Men Combat Squad

Total Points: 1500

Scoring Units: 3, when broken into Combat Squads 5
Kill Points: 8, when broken into Combat Squads 10

Weakness: Tanks, monstrous creatures, AP 1 or AP 2 blasts.
Strength: Counter charging, once you get charged from them, it's time to say good bye...

Weak against:
  1. Swarmy Tyranids, as this list does not have a flamer and long range fire support. Genestealers can mow down this army.
  2. Mechanized armies, the anti-tank weapons are limited, but can deal with light vehicles and walkers.
  3. Any other things that are pretty much against MEQ's (Marine equivalents).
Strong against:
  1. Necrons, just charge them and they're dead.
  2. Infantry based armies.
  3. Tau, they'll definitely cry shooting at these fly boys...
  4. Daemons? I've only fought the Khorne and Nurgle Combo.
This army is really fast to play, a movement phase barely lasts 5 minutes, they run in most shooting phases but when it comes to the assault phase, they will take some time. The number of attacks they can churn out on an assault phase is amazing, not to mention when Commander Hades is around, they all re-roll to hit.

Drop a comment to let me know what you think.

"I'm just too fixed into the idea of playing an assault oriented army..."