Sunday, February 22, 2009

My first WarHammer Fantasy game!

Woo hoo! My first WarHammer Fantasy game made possible thanks to Radin! Radin is the HELP Miniature Fight Club's Staff Adviser, he used to work for GW Australia's retail for some time, who can ask for someone better than that?

Thanks to Radin's expertise in WarHammer 40,000 and WarHammer Fantasy, today we've made it an effort so that I myself could learn how to play WarHammer Fantasy.

After work (I train in a company, the logo is on my shirt), I went back to my hostel to get ready for the game. Met Radin after he's done with his work then we headed off to MidValley's Comics Mart.

Well, since I was new to WHFB (WarHammer Fantasy Battle), Radin decided that I make my Warriors of Chaos army list to play against his Vampire Counts.

As we do not have the actual miniatures of this particular army, we used other races to become our proxy minis, or replacement minis. This is to make sure I know what I'm buying and what am I using them for. Same for Radin as he will buy his Vampire Counts in bulk when he has abundance of funds. :)

Pictures courtesy of Daniel, I was kinda busy to touch my camera.

I'm calculating my points to make sure the list is done right. On going game behind me Tyranids VS Orks!

All set up and ready to rumble!

Well, the pictures didn't turn out as well as I hoped, but at least it shows.

Radin behaving mischievously...

I know it's hard to tell who's block belongs to who, but as you can see on the right, I was being flanked by some Skeleton Knights.

Those wolves on the right are being proxy-ed as my Chaos Knights.

This battle did not go well for me, those blue coloured elite of a skeleton drove my Chaos Warriors away!

The green block are my Nurgle Chaos Warriors, they did well and wiped everything out.

The game ended at turn 6 with me having suffered heavy casualties. I lost, but it was a very good learning experience. I've learned all the basic stuff in WHFB and also learned how to have at least some magic protection.

All in all, thanks to Radin for this experience, now I have to build my Warriors of Chaos step by step as I have to complete my Orks too!

Question for readers, do you accept proxy a miniatures? Whether it's you or your opponent.
Drop a comment to let me know!

"It was real good fun, I think I'm gonna influence my gaming buddies to start WHFB too!"

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