Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tyranid Red Terror Stats

Since the GW sites received new updates and have a huge change in their layout, lots of articles and fluff from the sites are gone. How sad is that? I liked visiting their sites for the fluff, and not to mention, the older stuff that were on sale or featured in the older sites.

One of the things that I will miss the most is the page where they put together the Legendary Creatures, which includes the Red Terror. Luckily I saved the page and I should be able to reproduce the entire stats of the Red Terror here without infringing on the copyright law, since it was given free anyway.

Without further ado, here are the stats for the Red Terror

You must have 1,500 points or more to include the Red Terror as a Fast Attack choice.

WS - 6
BS - -
S - 5
T - 5
W - 3
I - 3
A - 3+2
Ld - 10
Sv - 3+

Points: 104
Bio-weapons: The Red Terror is armed with 2 pairs of scything talons, in which the bonus number of attacks have been included above.

Special Rules

Deep Strike: The Red Terror may enter play via Deep Strike.

Fast: The Red Terror moves 9" in the movement phase and can assault up to 9". For moving through Difficult Terrain, the Red Terror adds +3" to the 3D6. The Red Terror rolls 3D6 for falling back.

Tyranid Monstrous Creature: The rule speaks for itself.

Swallow Whole: If the Red Terror scores 4 or more hits in the Assault Phase, it may select a model in base contact with it and swallow it whole! No need to declare swallowing before hand. No further rolls to hit or wound can be rolled the turn the Red Terror swallows it's prey. The swallowed model can't make any saves, armour or invulnerable saves can't be made. The model is removed from the game without having to roll to wound.

The Red Terror can only swallow models with Strength and/or Toughness value of 4 or less. Modifiers like Mark of Nurgle or Power Fist will disallow the Red Terror from swallowing the victim.

The Red Terror can't swallow anything with an armour value, meaning vehicles and walkers.

"My internet seems to be slow now, so I can't upload a picture of the Red Terror I've finished painted, I will do a step by step on the Red Terror when my internet speed is better. Hope you guys found this post helpful."