Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Random Painting 6 - Eldar Rangers

Today's gonna be a small change of pace as it has been a very Orky week.

For the Random Painting, today's highlight will be the Eldar Rangers which I have painted a long time ago.

The basecoat for the models are black.

For their cloaks, I gave them a Catachan Green paint and washed them with Devlan Mud.
Their faceplates  were painted with Scorched Brown, while their helm was painted with Bleached Bone.

Their snipers and pistols were painted with a mix of Graveyard Earth and Chaos Black to give them a camo feel.

Their faces were painted with Bleached Bone and washed with Ogryn Flesh, it was the first time I painted a face with washes.

Other earthly colours like Snakebite Leather, Desert Yellow, Komando Khaki and Camo Green was used for the other random parts on the Rangers.

"Getting back on track, ta paint da Orks!"

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