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My first visit to Legio Malaysia - Friday, 20th February 2009

I've heard of Legio Malaysia ever since I've started committing into WarHammer. During that time, I wasn't very serious into the hobby and I was just an enthusiast.

Legio Malaysia is based in Battlefront Miniatures. In the factory itself! How cool is that? For Malaysians who want to join or visit, here's a map. It is in Shah Alam. (I can't further explain as I'm not familiar with the whereabouts in Kuala Lumpur).

For Wargamers around the world who visit's Malaysia, you have to visit Legio! Let us know so we can bring you around.

There were lots of talks of Legio having it's Leagues, tourneys and hobby nights, just that I didn't know how to go there and practically didn't know anything about the place. Until yesterday, thanks to Nahri who brought Dillon, Louis and I to Legio, we found a very devoted place to the WarHammer hobby.

Behaving like a tourist, I've been taking quite a number of snap shots during my visit.

There are 12 gaming tables, with chairs all around, I bet that's more than enough to have a tournament. Of all the gaming clubs I've been, this is the best place by far.

While I was there, I watched some League games going about. It was very interesting to see other armies on the table. My camera tends to get sleepy when the sun is down and I didn't want to turn the flash on as it might distract them.

On going game: Vostroyan VS Orks

On going game: Chaos Space Marines VS Ultramarines

The interesting part is this, the gaming board was actually just another plank set up above a table. We use a small table like this.

To put a gaming board on

Dillon and I selected this table to have our casual gaming session. Two specialist armies going against each other. Dillon with his Double Wing Dark Angels and me with my Doom Angels Fly Boys. It's basically Termies+Bikes+Land Speeders VS Maniacal *Blood Angel Codex* Assault Marines.

While Dillon starts deploying, I went on taking more pictures.

This place is seriously big!

This is Jeff, founder of Legio Malaysia, I didn't want to disturb him from his painting mode, since I understand how it feels like being bugged when painting, so I secretly took a picture of him in action. Hope you don't mind Jeff! :)

This is what he was working on, Salamanders! I can say that Jeff's painting is amazing! The colours on his Terminator are starting to form and I can already see how good it looks, even though it's unfinished!

I'm not sure this Crimson Fist Termie belongs to who, but it looks very well painted, it deserves to be shown.

Now we began our game of seeing who's army is better. Dillon checking his line of sight to make sure he can pepper me with shots before I fly too near.

He's got Sammael on the Land Speeder.

His Termies and Venerable Dreadnought on one side. I'm so dead.

My fly boys ready for some action.

I lost anyway, I really got fired to pieces with his assault cannons and plasma cannon. It was a funny game too.

This guy here deserves mention, Faizal. He has impressive skills in scratch building stuff. I hope he could do a tutorial on building a scratch built Land Raider.

His converted Slaanesh Demon Prince.

Scratch built Land Raider, impressive job huh?

His other scratch built Land Raider.

Visit Faizal's blog, I hope he does a tutorial for you guys to enjoy the hobby at a lower cost.

During my visit I've also met Saleem. He's an extremely friendly and funny guy and his preference game is Flames of War. For all you FoW (Flames of War) addicts, you will really envy this guy's job.

Saleem works as the Quality Control in Battlefront Miniatures, which means, every FoW mini he owns, is FREE.

Which explains the two-thumbs-up-super-smiley-face.

Amazing stuff, at first I thought they were Epic Mini's. Saleem can paint them quite well too, his models are beautiful in detail.

Legio is not only meant for WarHammer, it's also meant for FoW.

There are other League games going on too. I really like watching well painted armies in action.

Subahan in orange with his Daemons. Looks like the Demon Prince will have a fun time chopping some Blood Angels up.

"Group HUG!!!"

Louis in black, and Dillon again having a go.
It was Daemons VS the Double Wing Dark Angels.

Louis is a talented painter. His miniatures are well above table top quality and really stands out on the table.

Some of his Bloodletters. Louis is a very talented photographer as well, check out his photography blog and his WarHammer blog. For those who expect to get married soon in Malaysia, contact him! He does good works, you have to see his site to know what I mean.

As the night goes by, I've talked to Jeff about the membership in Legio. Check out the Legio blog at and email him for info if you're interested. I can say very well that this place is a friendly hobby minded place that I myself would love to join too!

Some of Khairul's Altansar Eldar.

I would love to make a trip down there again, provided if I have transport there. I also would like to see other armies as there are lots of members in Legio Malaysia.

"Step one, plan budget. Step two, plan transportation. Step three, join club. That's my plan."

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