Friday, February 13, 2009

Random Painting 5 - Nurgle Death Guard

Hi all, today I've decided to post a random painting that I have done a long long time ago. These paintings were done back in May 2008 where I was still a beginner at WarHammer. These were the first things I've bought besides Tyranids back then.

After scrolling through the pictures I will run through briefly what I have used for their colours.

Basecoat: Black
These are the paints that were used to wash the entire model layer after layer, ensuring that the previous layer can still be seen. As I've painted these a long time back, I might forget the steps and the amount of colours that I have used to painting them. Anyways, here are the list of colours I've used painting the Death Guard.

All these colours were used very thinly with water.
  1. Codex Grey
  2. Vermin Brown
  3. Bestial Brown
  4. Graveyard Earth
  5. Bleached Bone
  6. Camo Green
  7. Catachan Green
  8. Chaos Black
Other random colours such as Scab Red, Boltgun Metal, Hawk Turquoise, and Snot Green were used for the details.

I've used these models to learn how to water down paints, and I really like the outcome of it.

"I'm hoping and praying that GW comes out with a plastic Death Guard Upgrade Kit so I can build an entire army devoted to Nurgle!"

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