Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sprues - Ork Battlewagon

I've took some back and front shots of the Battlewagon sprue before I actually took it out to assemble it. Here are the shots.

Simply beautiful! The sprues are amazing with it's weapon options, no doubt I'm gonna buy another one of these soon. Assembly only takes a few hours and it's easy to assemble.

For the Grot turret, I suggest anyone who wants to assemble it, go look for the Ork Battlewagon assembly tutorial in GW, this is because I followed the instruction manual and I got the Grot turret assembled wrongly.

This model also requires minimum filing, which is a pleasant thing. And also, it comes with 2 Ork bodies and 2 different Ork 'eads! Meaning that you can actually custimize some of your Orks!

"It's my first time assembling a vehicle... And I can say that this is fun! Painting it is quite easy too, hope I can finish it by tomorrow."

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